Our Services

CECOFERSA is the most advanced and dynamic Hardware central purchasing of the industry, which currently has a large number of related hardware stores throughout Spain.

Advantages for our associate members

Best prices in the business

CECOFERSA has preferential agreements with major suppliers.


Attractive promotions, including other presentation elements and direct marketing.


Import products directly from any where in the world.

Support for associate members

To renew their stores they have CECOFERSA know-how, making it a more modern and efficient business.


All the latest industry information is available and they receive specialized training. They have support when managing their business. Receive business advice regarding assortments, margins, pricing policies, etc...


We also offer exciting benefits to suppliers


Continuity and full support from the members.

Progressive increase in the number of members.


Important national coverage with growth in purchase volume.


Maximum fidelity to the brands with which CECOFERSA works, with the highest concentration of purchases.


CECOFERSA does not speculate, the relationship with suppliers is based on continuity and mutual trus.


Brands with priority placement in stores and all promotional events.


Placing on the market at reasonable prices, monitoring the competitors' prices, without damaging the market unnecessarily.

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