CECO PRODUCTS, Quality guarantee

Since 2004, CECOFERSA, leading the industry trends, began purchasing and producing items identified with the tab CECO.

From the beginning, the idea has been to provide to the members of the purchasing center a n alternative to imported or manufactured productsmade by recognised brands, while keeping a competitive ratio quality-money.

As in other parts of this industry in our country, recognition and participation of our private label has had a strong growth and CECOFERSA wants to offer its associates the possibility of having a wide range of own- brand products grouped together in their own category.

Private Label products exclusively for all associates of CECOFERSA offer guaranteed quality ítems. The price is lower than well-known prestigious brands because in their case the cost is increased with large investments in advertising and attractive design packaging.

Therefore, in any associated store to CECOFERSA, our clients can find both well-known products of prestigious brands and also others more affordable, quality guaranteed, of our private label.

CECOFERSA guarantees that all goods bearing the brand CECO meet all quality requirements necessary to satisfy the needs of its customers.

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